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The Fundamental Hypothesis: All things are real, only some things are more real than others.
The Reality Test Department of The Inevitable University is responsible for collecting and collating the Reality Index of various phenomena. This generally takes the form ‘Which is more real; phenomena a or phenomena b’. The results are given in the form of a ratio which represents the number of test subjects who picked one over the other. This data is collected entirely for academic purpose, The Inevitable University can take no responsibility for how this data is used or interpreted.
No attempt is ever made to record attendant White Rabbit Phenomena.
Reality Test Results from The Secret Garden Party; July 23rd – July 25th 2010:
Due to procedural inconsistencies the test department cannot vouch for the comprehensiveness of these tests.

Dr Short reports that on the first day, when he was in command, the test station was inundated with test subjects before all of the equipment was in place.

Consequently it was not possible to catalogue all of the results (England or Britain, Particle or Wave, 1 or 0, You or That Person Over There).
On the second day Prof. Wilkinson took over and proved to be a more competent manager, however the ambiguity fluctuations of the festival itself coupled with the testers’ woefully inconsistent use of their protective eyewear, prevented proper records being kept on: individuals who graduated, Reality Calculator calculations, Height of Reality measurements and generally Justification Space data. For this we apologise.

Special mention and apologies have to be made to the test subjects who asked us to carry out our demographic procedures on the following: ‘Which would you rather be attacked by; fifty horses the size of ducks or one duck the size of a horse?’.

Testing ended on Sunday 25th July just prior to the Test Station being overrun and destroyed by a group of White Rabbits.
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If you graduated at SGP, have any test data, or photos of the White Rabbits please email the Reality Test Dept. of the Inevitable University here .